3D Printing – Support kids from all over the world with an opportunity to enjoy their life and putting a smile on their faces!

The widespread of 3D printers around the world increased the possibility of supporting kids all over the world. Technology Hub and other 3D printing companies all over the world collaborate with different not for profit organisations such as enablingthefuture.org to create FREE 3D printed hands and arms for those in need of an upper limb assistive device all over the world.

We all work together to provide a better tomorrow for kids all over the world and everyone can help.

Whether you are interested in becoming a volunteer to 3D print and assemble devices for those in need or you are here to find out what your options are for building your own device or having an e-NABLE volunteer help you create one – e-NABLE have a variety of options and suggestions that will hopefully help you to your ideal end result!

  • BUILD IT MYSELF – I have access to a 3D printer I just need the design files!

  • BUILD IT MYSELF – I do not have a 3D printer, please help me find my options!

  • BUILD IT FOR ME – I would like a volunteer or a chapter to build it for me!

  • I WANT TO HELP – I want to know how I can become a volunteer with E-NABLE!

  • I WANT TO SUPPORT – I want to help support te enable community and thier website!

  • I WANT TO DESIGN – I want to help make 3D printable open source designs to share!

Help support some of the e-NABLE Chapters in underserved areas around the world!

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