WooCommerce e-commerce platform will allow you to manage orders & customers, once click refund, inventory management, order management, and managing email templates.

The WooCommerce platform will also allow you to get your products listing optimised for SEO, create coupons, attached related products, highlight import products, and provide a user-friendly reporting.

With our wide IT knowledge at Technology Hub, we can support your business to grow with no limits; the sky’s the limit.


Using specialised CAD/CAM software helps in creating 3D models with a high level of details & complexity if needed. 3D model can be based on a real-life object or imaginable object or idea that can be converted to a real object if required; using different technologies such as 3d printing and Injection moulding. There different 3D software used for 3D modelling such as AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, Fusion 360, SolidWorks, etc.

We work closely with our clients to help them understand the capabilities of 3d modelling & 3D drawing and the way it can be used to achieve their desired outcomes with 100% satisfaction. Contact Us Now for more details & for free quotes.

Our Service Includes:

  • 3D modelling for product designs and engineering
  • 3D modelling for Articture
  • 3D modelling for constructions
  • We also provide 3D scanning service

3D modelling VS 3D scanning
We provide both 3D modelling and 3D scanning options for our customers. Sometimes the best option is to combine both 3D scanning and 3D printing together.


Technology Hub provides the highest level of on-going support for all our services. We always will available for any support, help, or business needs.




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Kristin Firth, Dash Accounting

“I don’t have any hesitations in recommending Technology Hub. As I am not savvy with any of these products he spent the time to explain to me (many times). I’ve been very happy with the minimum input I have put in and with the final results.”

Peter Antonas, Austway Vending

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Darek Obidowski, VoltMax Lights

“I would just like to acknowledge how impressed I am with my web site. I was a bit sceptic to use someone out of State but have found it made no difference. Nazir has always made himself available and has acted in a really professional capacity. I am extremely happy with the end result and have had very good feedback. I will certainly recommend this company to others.”

Deborah Levy, Energy Realty WA